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Presentations that professors used during their GAW sessions are available for download! 

Please click on the download button in each class description below. Please note: some presentations may be missing. This is because we still haven’t received the revised version from professors – we will upload them on this site as soon as we have them.


Networking Off and Online to Improve Your Personal Branding And Your Employability

Juan Díaz-AndreuJuan Díaz-Andreu

Understand the concept and importance of Personal Branding and how it affects your ability to do efficient networking.
Enhance awareness of the participants of the development tools of professional Networking.
Manage your network of contacts and use social relations to position yourself in the market and develop your business or be more efficient in your jobjunting.
Are you investing in your own career development?
Are you aware of the importance of developing your Personal Brand?
Are you underutilizing your business contact network?
Are you aware of all the tools you can use in order to successfully expand your network, fina a job or business opportunities?
Are you networking correctly based on your professional objectives?


Career Development

Juan Díaz-Andreu

Juan Díaz-Andreu

Have you planned the next steps in your career?

In this session we will do as follows:
a. We will suggest techniques on how to make yourself visible to recruiters/headhunters
b. We will explian how headhunters work
c. Interviews: how to get them, prepare them, make them and what to do after.
d. Job Interviews: how to get them, decline them, improve them, accept them and what to do after.

Tools, web pages, databases, techniques (NLP, Career Advisors/Coaches, etc.) will also be discussed.


Startup Lawyers

Alejandro Touriño

Startups and Lawyers. Are you an entrepreneur and need some basic tips? Are you a lawyer interested in working with Startups? Highlights on this tricky subject.

How to Sell Contemporary Art

Sofía UrbinaSofía Urbina

This lecture will begin with a detailed explanation of what contemporary art is, who are the players in the market, how it works and how to sell it

Transforming a City Through Design

Flavio TejadaFlavio Tejada Gorraiz

Cities are the main catalyst of economic and social development. They also create significant environmental impacts. In a globalized world, cities need to continually project an innovative image to become more competitive. Design is a strategic ally to allow 21st Century territories to host international events, attract global investment, import talent or receive a greater flow of tourists.
In recent decades, cities across the globe opted for high impact regeneration interventions, what is known as the Guggenheim effect. Other cities instead have chosen to apply urban “acupuncture” processes, revitalizing existing neighborhoods through small scale interventions with more potential for regeneration.


Design Case Workshop: VanMoof, Thinking outside of the Box: Shipping Two Wheel Innovation Worldwide.

Edgar Gonzalez Global Alumni WeekendEdgar González

In this Design Business Case, Professor Edgar Gonzalez will explore the case of VanMoof an innovative Bicycle company based in the Netherlands with global aspirations.
A killer product, a star website, a revolutionary approach, and a star service get all get trashed when the last link of the chain does not belong to your control and compromises the whole experience. In an interactive format we will walk through each of the competitive advantages and innovations that van Moof brought to the market, and discuss how one of the biggest problems compromise the global star.

Game Over: Why Democracies Seem to Be in Crisis?

Susana Torres PrietoSusana Torres Prieto

Despite being criticized almost since its origins, democracy has been increasingly adopted as the preferred system of government worldwide since the end of World War II. The disparity of results between mainstream setters of public opinion (press, political class, media) and the actual results of late referendums and general elections worldwide show an increasing dissatisfaction of many countries’ populations with the politics and the policies adopted, which leaves room for increasing populism. We will discuss in this session what are the threats to current democracies and some of the factors that influence voters thus jeopardizing the system itself.

Play with Python: An Intro to Data Science Workshop

Ignacio LarrúIgnacio Larrú

Data Science in business- how to identify business decisions to be disrupted by machine learning”
Ignacio Larru, the Data Science Bootcamp Director invites you for an intensive and fun session.
Learn hands-on, how to use python with a case of churn prediction.



Fast Track Customer Acquisition

Kevin SiglianoKevin Sigliano

Customer Acquisition must be a competitive advantage for startups, SMBs and larger organizations. Today 55% of new business can be disrupted with advocacy and connected consumers. LTV and Cost of Acquisition are critical for effective growth and generation business traction. Discover an alternative framework to accelerate customer marketing traction.


Entrepreneurial Start-Up Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Peter Bryant

Peter Bryant

Some startup mistakes are just not worth it. There is no value or learning to be gained. Therefore learn early to same time and effort. This interactive session will examine a number of these common mistakes made by founder entrepreneurs and how to avoid them.


From 0 to 65M Users and How We Survived This Madness

Bernhard Niesner

Bernhard Niesner (IE Alumni)

Busuu, a social network for language learning, was created by Adrian Hilti and Bernhard Niesner during their IMBA 2006/2007. Since then, the company has grown to over 65m users from 190 different countries and has become one of the most successful and fastest growing edtech companies in the world. During his talk, Bernhard, the CEO of Busuu, will share his key learnings of this entrepreneurial rollercoaster.

Purpose Driven Careers

Max Oliva

Max Oliva (IE Alumni)

How might we find our element and align it with a purposeful driven career? We need to re-imagine, re-invent and re-design the way that we do business, the way in which we create and deliver value. But most importantly we need to dare prototype ourselves, acknowledging that we don’t have the answers, but we do have the intuition and the braveness to explore the right questions, thus creating new futures, be it through a social enterprise or a responsible business. In this panel we will share stories from IE alumni who are daring to do just that, lead a career with meaning.

Unleash Your Full Entrepreneurial Potential

Joseph Pistrui

Why do entrepreneurs fall short? Foremost: they fail to develop the versatility required by growing companies in a constantly changing marketplace. We will explore what it means to be focused, incremental, playful, and kinetic — four entrepreneurial styles vital to any leader seeking to build a successful organisation. The best entrepreneurs promote the mindset, skillset and toolset necessary to reinvigorate their ever-evolving enterprise. Discover how open-mindedness and imagination can turbocharge the versatility underpinning sustained entrepreneurial behaviour, and how mastery of those behaviours can improve individual and collective effectiveness when facing uncertainty.



Alejandra Vallejo-NágeraAlejandra Vallejo-Nágera

What is distress and how Mindfulness helps to dissolve it. Why to practice. How to practice. Why Meditation is the strongest Mindfulness tool. Meditation practice.



Begoña GonzálezBegoña González-Cuesta

Storytelling is a powerful tool to create impact, engage, connect, and motivate. By telling stories we transform information into something meaningful and compelling to our audiences, engaging them and building deep relationships. It is about sense making.
If you want to put people at the core of your strategies, you will find multiple opportunities to apply storytelling in the activities of your company or organization: presentations, reports, internal communication, team work, advertising, branded content, etc. Whether you need someone to back your organization, invest in your idea, or get motivated, storytelling can empower you to get your goals.


The New Leader: It’s About Designing Experiences

Lee NewmanLee Newman

Far from obvious, my claim is that if you are a great leader, you are a person who designs high-quality experiences. And this is true whether you are working to improve the dynamics of an underperforming team, dashboards for decision making, the culture of an entire business unit, or the touch-points across a customer’s journey. It’s about using behavioral techniques and technology to deconstruct the experiences of your employees or customers, and then innovating to redesign these experiences to be more effective and to meet your objectives. In this class, we’ll explore this idea of leadership and how you might pursue it.


Leading Through Technology: Attitude for Success

Balvinder PowarBalvinder Powar

This session will talk about how technology is changing our lives and how the human attributes that cannot be replicated by robots or artificial intelligence will become even more valuable over time. We will go on a journey focusing on Soft Skills and finish with a final & inspiring challenge.

Renaissance of Renaissance Thinking – Why Business Needs The Art

Nir HindiNir Hindi (IE Alumni)

In this session, “A Renaissance of Renaissance Thinking,” Nir advocates for the
connection between artistic talent and business entrepreneurship, two areas that Fuel each other and provide an opportunity for mutual learning.
By revealing trends and upcoming changes in the world, he highlights the importance of being creative and having artistic skills. Using examples of leaders in the business world that have already capitalized on art and creativity, he raises questions that help to initiate a change in paradigm.

He defines this talk as the ice-breaker phase between business professionals and the creative world.

Our aim is to encourage participants to develop and maintain open mind approach to innovation and creative sources and to show how ideas can come from different worlds, people, and cultures.

Blockchain: The Industrial Revolution of the Internet

Alex Preukschat

Alex Preukschat

Blockchain is the next wave of digital transformation that will change the Internet as we know it today. The next phase will be called the Internet of Value that will disrupt the disruptors of the Internet of Information allowing for a decentralized peer to peer based economy that will change your business and work.

The ROI of Digital Transformation

Kevin SiglianoKevin Sigliano

Discover how to transform your organization to a thoroughly customer centric digital business. All sectors have been re-architected by mobile, cognitive technologies, big data, social media and ecommerce, as well as fast changing consumer habits and preferences. Discover an comprehensive framework of digital transformation (Experience, Operations, Business Model and Intelligence) and how to maximize the ROI.


Valuation in a Digital World

Francisco J. Lopez LubianFrancisco J. Lopez Lubian

Digital technologies are being integrated into everyday life everywhere and all the time while at the same time continuously and profoundly changing every business and operational model. But how is it contributing to enterprise value creation? Professor Lopez Lubian will show step by step how the digital transformation is explicitly integrated in the valuation framework as a new and critical lever of firm value acceleration.



Hacking Digital Innovation: Facing The Execution Challenge

Ricardo PérezRicardo Pérez Garrido (IE Alumni)

Corporate innovation needs new methodologies. Applying the old mental models and frameworks will only bring big results: big budgets for big projects that reach the market too late and with no impact. We will explore a framework that will link customers with strategy execution, helping companies explore options faster and cheaper.

Drones and Their Applications

Balvinder PowarBalvinder Powar

This session will talk about the exciting world of Drones aka UAVs. There is much talk but few people really know what is going on in this fast growing industry. Prof. Powar will talk about the sector and his experience as a partner and Director at AERDRON. The sessions will be very active, full of info and fun.

Managing Your Career in VUCA Times

Gerardo SeeligerGerardo Seeliger

We are currently preparing our talent for jobs that don’t exist, using technologies that haven’t been invented in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.
Times have changed and so have required competencies to be successful in your career.
Lifelong learning, breaking habits, anticipating trends, constant reengineering is required. Skills and aptitudes are subject to expiry date as digital and technological transformation make them obsolete.
Earning and learning, continuous training and development are integral part of your career strategy and will be required by the young raising talent, transferable skills from on sector, function country to another will become a valuable asset.

Brexit, Trump and Their Impact on the Global Economy

Gayle AllardGonzalo GarlandGayle Allard & Gonzalo Garland

The world economy has been turned topsy-turvy with the surprise votes in favor of Brexit in the UK and Donald Trump in the United States. How will these changes affect the rest of the world? And how will they undermine the world order?

The Power Within: Releasing Innovation

Peter BryantPeter Bryant

This masterclass will address one of the fundamental challenges of becoming a more innovative organization, namely culture. The fact is, many companies are primarily focused on immediate goals, short term performance, and building up existing business. They treat innovation as a special task, as exceptional. In contrast, truly innovative companies make the values of innovation central to their culture and operations. In this way, companies can release the innovative power within.



Game Over: Why Democracies Seem to Be In Crisis?

Susana Torres PrietoSusana Torres Prieto

Despite being criticized almost since its origins, democracy has been increasingly adopted as the preferred system of government worldwide since the end of World War II. The disparity of results between mainstream setters of public opinion (press, political class, media) and the actual results of late referendums and general elections worldwide show an increasing dissatisfaction of many countries’ populations with the politics and the policies adopted, which leaves room for increasing populism. We will discuss in this session what are the threats to current democracies and some of the factors that influence voters thus jeopardizing the system itself.


Gobierno Corporativo: Últimas tendencias (in spanish)

Tomas GaricanoTomás Garicano (IE Alumni)

Descubre las últimas tendencias y practicas relacionadas con el Gobierno Corporativo



El Arte de Seducir: El reto de los directivos del siglo XXI (in spanish)

Pascual MontañesPascual Montañés

“Un directivo es un seductor de stakeholders”.
Una cosa es lo que tú vendes y otra cosa lo que a ti te compran.
¿Sabes lo que le compran a tu empresa? ¿Y lo que compran de ti?

Las empresas vendemos tangibles y nos compran intangibles.
¿Conoces los intangibles de tus clientes? ¿Y los de tus accionistas? ¿Y del resto de tus stakeholders?

Pondremos especial énfasis en lo que quieren los Gobiernos y, también, los medios de comunicación y las redes sociales.

¿En cuál de las tres distancias de la comunicación te sientes más cómoda/o para seducir?

¿Conoces los deberes de la seducción? Y los protocolos?

Y lo más importante: no hay nada más seductor que ser uno mismo… Lo que cuesta es atreverse.



Authenticity in the Post-Truth Era

Dilney GoncalvesDilney Gonçalves

While people look for authenticity, we observe the emergence of trends where looking authentic (e.g., saying what you think) becomes more important than the content (e.g., saying something useful or accurate). We will discuss implications for a variety of individual choices from political to products and brands.


Thinking With Your Hands (Playful Explorations- DYL)

Macrina BusatoMacrina Busato

The creative process of making something with our hands speeds up our brain
to work in a different way, unlocking new perspectives.
THINKING WITH YOUR HANDS is a playful ” hands on-minds on” thinking and learning exploration that will introduce you to new ways to unleash deeper and more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities.
Using Lego® blocks we will experience a systematic method inspired by design and science that enables people deep the reflection processes, explore ideas, enable effective communication, solve problems and achieve objectives.

(Design Your Life ,DYL, is a perpetual beta project designed as a way to engage in action oriented an more refllected in thinking a bout your future)

How to Become A World-Class Networker

Will KintishWill Kintish

In today’s highly competitive world, being a confident and effective networker sets you apart from the crowd. You become more visible, always feel in control and will always create more career and business opportunities than the average.
99% of people dread this vital activity; this highly humorous presentation will help you overcome all your fears and concerns.

Watch Will present his networking process

Remembering Names