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  • A1: Priya Ramchandani & Alexey Afanasov
  • A2: Anushri Mukherjee
  • A3: Corrado Rota Zumaglini & Carlos Guijarro
  • A4: Alfredo Almendariz & Gastón Ortiz
  • S1: Maximilian Von Hoyningen, Julia Schippers & Katherine Kneier
  • S2: Cesar Eduardo Soto & Ayse Berna Bedirhan
  • S3: Michael Bolotin & Khaled Ghatass
  • S4: Anja Simanic & Paula Alvarez
  • S5: Michael Costevec & Victoria Aróstegui
  • S6: Alejandro Villa & Enrique de Solis
  • S7: Juan Pablo Quiñones, Oscar Zapata & Laura Mayoral

In case you wish to collaborate with your Class Reunion, please feel free to contact any of the Committee Members of your section. You can also contact the Global Alumni Relations team at

In addition to this, if you want to coordinate any activity outside of the agenda organized by IE (e.g. a class dinner, going to a specific bar etc.), please coordinate with the members of your Committee. We will be more than happy to add all the information in the “Other Activities” section below.

Other Activities:

The following activities are not organized by IE and therefore are not included in the ticket cost.

  • To be confirmed

We look forward to seeing you back at IE in July 2017!